Cookie Policy

A cookie is a piece of information that a website puts on your computer so it can remember something about you or your device at a later date. The cookies on our website are either set by us or by third party partners and fall into the following categories:


We want to ensure we provide a good experience. These cookies allow us to monitor how visitors use our website. This information provides us with anonymous statistics on how many people visit the website, where they have come from and the pages they visit so that we can continue to develop and improve the website and our services.

Third party Description
ResponseTap Collects statistical information to help measure call centre interaction
Google Analytics Collects statistical information about how you use the site so that we can improve the site


These cookies allow you to set and store preferences for the website, such as when you login to post comments or where you are offered the option to customise elements of the layout or content of the website. These cookies may also help us to monitor, debug and optimise the performance of the website.

Third party Description
Twitter Social media integration
Facebook Social media integration
Disqus Provides commenting for our content

Interest-based advertising

These cookies allow third parties to identify what you find popular, allowing a more personalised and relevant selection of advertisements to be displayed when you browse the internet. They normally won’t just be from us, but build an overall, but anonymous, picture of individuals’ preferences based how they have browsed the internet, in order to deliver more relevant advertising.

Third party Description
Adalyser Collects statistical information to help measure cross-channel marketing.
Google AdWords Tracks performance of advertising campaigns.
Facebook Ads Tracks performance of advertising campaigns.
Twitter Ads Tracks performance of advertising campaigns.
Yahoo Tracks performance of advertising campaigns.
Bing Tracks performance of advertising campaigns.

So that we can offer you the best possible online experience, new services using cookies may be added to our site from time to time. We aim to keep the cookies information provided here as accurate as possible and use all reasonable efforts to regularly review and update the details. When we update these details we will post changes on this page so please check back frequently.

Updated: 31st July 2016