About Us

At Review Hawk we know just how confusing the mobile phone market can be. Nearly everyone these days needs a mobile phone, and making the right purchasing decision can be tough. With the high price of mobile phones, calling plans, and even mobile phone insurance, it’s important that we make the right decisions, and yet how do we go about knowing that we’re choosing the best option?

It’s our goal to guide you through the entire process. We take you through choosing a great mobile operator, monthly contract and phone, help you decide if mobile insurance is right for you, and even help you find a great recycling company when you’re ready to get rid of that old phone. We gather all the information that you need to make great decisions, and do the research so that you don’t have to!

A User Driven Community

We’re a user driven community. What does that mean? It means that all of our reviews come from real people, people just like you. We use those reviews to rank mobile operators, mobile insurers, and mobile recycling companies, so that you can choose the best provider. We have all the info you need to protect yourself from being conned, ripped off, or just getting bad service. But why do we depend on you for reviews?

There are plenty of professional review sites around, but professional reviews can be compromised. Because our reviews come from normal consumers, you can be sure that no one is being paid to advertise a company, or to manipulate results. Plus, you’ll know that our reviews come from real life experience, not from a journalist or professional reviewer who may be treated differently than the general public are.

Helping You Save Cash Throughout the Life Cycle of Your Mobile Phone

Of course, we want to save you money, which means choosing a provider that offers great value. But we also want to make sure that you’re going to use a trustworthy company for your mobile needs, and that you’re going to get great customer service as well.

A great mobile phone with great service is a necessity for many of us, but given the overwhelming amount of options on the UK market for everything from phones themselves to operators, calling plans, insurers and recycling companies, getting the device and service you need can seem daunting. But with Review Hawk you’ll find that making those all important mobile decisions just got a whole lot easier!

We’re here to help you, but we need your help too. ReviewHawk.co.uk can only function properly if our users help us get the message out. Your reviews of mobile providers, good or bad, help us keep our info up to date. The more reviews we have, the better we can inform consumers like you. Together we can take the mystery out of mobile shopping!